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Top Bedford Slims Coupon 2014 | 10% off Any Order

Bedford Slims Coupon

Simplicity in form, and the design, is what you are going to find when you order Bedford Slims. Not only are these rechargeable devices simple to use, they are also going to mimic the look, feel, and tastes you love, when you are making the switch from the tobacco cigarettes that you have loved, and smoked for so long.

Top Bedford Slims Discount


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With Bedford Slims, there is not as much selection as with other brands; you have about 5 starter kits you can choose from, which is going to include all you need to get underway with the vaping experience. In addition to limited product selection, there are only 8 flavor lines, but these are very well developed, and you are going to get the deepest throat hit when you are smoking these blends.

One of the distinctive features of their e-cigs is the design; they are extremely close to the look and feel of tobacco cigarettes. They are a bit shorter than traditional e cigs, which makes them even closer to the cigarettes you have smoked for so long, meaning the transition is not going to be as difficult for you to make, when you are going to use e cigs for the first time.

Another feature that differentiates Bedford Slims is the simplicity in design. The company does not spend too much on marketing or on the look of the e cig; in turn, you are going to get something that is plain and simple. In addition to this simple design, you are also going to find that it is a cheaper option than other e cigs on the market; due to the fact that there are fewer product lines, and less for you to choose from, and as the company does not spend as much to market the line, the savings are going to trickle down to the customer. You are going to receive a classic line, and you are going to receive a well made product, that is built to last, for a price that is going to be lower than most other competitors on the market today. Even more interesting is the new bedford slims discount currently offered at an astounding 10% off.

They also have an artist series, which other brands do not offer. This is a line of e cigs, that is designed by a specific artist, and is tailored to them, which you can then order. This is not only the e cig design, but the flavor blends, as well as the nicotine levels you are going to get when you order the series of e cigs with the specific artist in mind.

When ordering e cigs with Bedford Slims, you are going to get the bare minimums, yet you are going to receive a quality, well made device. It is an e cig that is built to look, feel, and mimic the tobacco cigarette as much as possible; and, with the basic, simple design, you are also going to receive the great deals, and lower prices that you want to pay, when you order them.