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South Beach Smoke specializes in electronic cigarette products, and has been featured in a wide range of media, including the New York Post and OK Magazine. Customers can take advantage of cheap shipping to both domestic and international locations, and many products come available with a lifetime warranty. Here is a review of South Beach […]

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Smokeless Image is an online electronic cigarette store which specializes in batteries, starter kits, accessories and e-liquids. Customers will be able to find a wide variety of vaping items – ideal for those who are making the transition from a regular cigarette brand. A three-month warranty is available on selected products, and a money-back guarantee […]

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NicQuid specialize in e-liquids of the highest quality, and the company ensures the strictest safety standards during the manufacturing process. As a founding member of the American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association, or AESMA, the company are known for their high-quality e-liquids, and their products use a base which is made from propylene glycol and vegetable […]

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Simplicity in form, and the design, is what you are going to find when you order Bedford Slims. Not only are these rechargeable devices simple to use, they are also going to mimic the look, feel, and tastes you love, when you are making the switch from the tobacco cigarettes that you have loved, and […]

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With Apollo eCigs, you do not have the long name brand standing, but you do have a fairly new product line, meaning new devices and new electronic features. You are going to receive a great product, for a lower price, due to the fact that it is a newer line in the e cig market. […]

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Is the Nicotine in E-Cigarettes Harmful?

In several parts of the world, there are at least 100,000 deaths annually that may be attributed to cigarette smoking, and over 5 million die globally because of this dangerous habit. Thus, researchers are becoming more hopeful that the use of electronic cigarettes could reduce the number of these alarming percentage of deaths. Is the […]

What are the Health Benefits of Using E-Cigs?

It was in 2007 when the electronic cigarette was made available in the United States, and it continues to offer millions of users worldwide a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Although e-cigarettes look much like your regular cigarette, their components differ greatly. For instance, electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco, and it only comes with […]