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Health Benefits of Using E-Cigarettes vs Tobacco Cigarettes

What are the Health Benefits of Using E-Cigs?

It was in 2007 when the electronic cigarette was made available in the United States, and it continues to offer millions of users worldwide a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Although e-cigarettes look much like your regular cigarette, their components differ greatly. For instance, electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco, and it only comes with a mechanism that warms liquid nicotine to turn it into a vapor. Smokers inhale and exhale this vapor, which gives them a sense of satisfaction of smoking. However, there is more to e-cigarettes than the authentic smoking experience they offer. In fact, these smoking devices also offer extensive health benefits that you may not know, so read along to find out more about the health benefits of using e-cigs.

Advantages of Using Electronic Cigarettes

E-cig manufacturers and several satisfied customers claim that the nicotine vapor produced by electronic cigarettes offer numerous benefits to health. While several people question the possibilities of inhaling the nicotine vapor in these devices, these devices remain widely accepted by the public.

Proponents of electronic cigarettes claim that they feel much better after using the device, as compared to the kind of effects that tobacco cigarettes offer. Since these devices are reusable, you can save more money since you only need to buy refill for the empty cartridge. There were also claims that electronic cigarettes aid in supporting one’s desire to quit smoking for good.

Electronic cigarettes contain as much level of nicotine as your regular tobacco cigarette. However, you can but an e-cig with less amount of nicotine depending on your preference. The choice is completely up to you, and you may even opt for e-liquid with zero level of nicotine. This means, you can reduce the chances of being addicted to nicotine, which makes it easier for you to quit when you want to.

It is also important to note that electronic cigarettes do not produce a thick smoke with foul odor. Hence, there is no such thing as secondhand smoking with these smoking devices. As a result, the people around you will not end up suffering from serious health issues linked with an exposure to the hazardous smoke that is typical with tobacco cigarettes. This also limits the possibility of suffering from eyes, throat and nose irritation, as well as nausea or breathing problems.

Nicotine’s harmful effects can be reduced immensely, and detrimental effects of smoke can be eliminated completely. Since there is less dangers in using e-cigarettes, more and more people prefer to smoke them instead of their regular tobacco cigarettes.

Research and Clinical Studies on Electronic Cigarettes

According to health professionals who have reviewed over 9000 cases of electronic cigarette users, they have discovered astounding effects offered by these devices. After reviewing the different chemicals found in the device, researchers have discovered that the risks of these components are quite low to be of any concern. In addition, most individuals who were exposed to vapor emitted by electronic cigarettes experienced no adverse health effects at all.

It is also important to note that e-cigarettes have primary components called the glycerin and propylene glycol. Although these ingredients are generally safe in the amount included in electronic cigarettes, doctors believe that there is a need for further testing and analysis to determine the safety of these components. Aside from these chemicals, there were other ingredients found in e-cigs such as nitrosamines, ethylene glycol, metals, and acrolein. Since these chemicals are in small amounts, these pose hardly any major health concern to users.

Several clinical studies into the health benefits of electronic cigarettes have been organized and funded by pharmaceutical groups. In fact, the pharmaceutical industry is also in charge of similar smoking cessation produts such as nicotine gels and patches. However, electronic cigarettes prove to have very little health risks to users, which make them more popular to the public.

Is An E-Cig Really the Better Option?

Electronic cigarettes use heat, which vaporizes the liquid component containing nicotine. There are also nicotine-free smoking devices that spare individuals from harsh chemicals. Since e-cigarettes do not contain 4000 different chemicals that are found in tobacco, smoking these devices can also reduce health risks linked with regular cigarettes such as lung cancer, heart diseases, and several other ailments.