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Eversmoke Coupon | 10% off Promo

EverSmoke Coupon

EverSmoke is an online electronic cigarette store that sells a wide range of products, including starter kits, batteries and e-liquids. The company stands out from its competitors as it sells products that use VaporFlo technology, including electronic cigarette devices that produce a vapor that is easy on the throat and easy to inhale. The electronic cigarettes on offer are free from tar, carbon monoxide, ash and a number of the chemicals which could lead to life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, stroke and heart disease, making these products a much safer alternative to regular cigarette brands. Here is an overview of the products on offer at EverSmoke.

Top Eversmoke Discounts

Eversmoke Discount

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About Eversmoke.com

Electronic cigarettes on offer make use of a long-lasting and durable battery, which last last up to three whole days before it needs to be charged again. How long the electronic cigarette will last before it needs to be charged will depend on how much vapor has been generated during that time, and how frequently the battery has been used. To power the battery, a full charge can take as little as two hours, using a USB charge or wall adapter – both of the charging outlets are provided in starter kits that are available for purchase on the EverSmoke online store. The company’s basic starter kit is great value for money, consisting of a USB charger, full instructional guide, high capacity battery, standard battery, wall charger, and five nicotine cartridges.Products on sales

Products on Sale

eversmoke discountThere are a wide range of e-liquids on sale, including exotic flavors like chocolate, and a number of fruit flavors. If you have been used to a regular cigarette brand for some years, try the traditional tobacco or menthol flavors – both of which have been manufactured to replicate the flavor and taste of conventional cigarettes.

Other Information

EverSmoke can be contacted on their website, or by speaking to a company representative via one of their social media pages – you can find the company on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also available on items purchased through the website.