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Henley Cigs Coupon | 10% off Discount

Henley Cigs Coupon

Henley Cigs is an online electronic cigarette store that specializes in starter kits, batteries, e-liquids and all the essential equipment you need to start vaping. The company has been featured in a wide range of media including CNN and the New York Times, and their website is extremely easy to use, with highlighted products on the main landing page. You can use one of many navigation tools and menus to browse the different products available for purchase on the store, and can save money on their order by using a promotional code or discount code. Customers can enter the code prior to paying for their order and can save a significant amount. Here is an overview of Henley Cigs are the product available for purchase.

Top Henley Cigs Discounts

Henley discount

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About Henley.com

Each product is clearly listed, with a brief description and photos, providing information to customers to enable them to make an informed decision about the best product for their particular circumstances.

Henley Starter Kits

Henley Cigs DiscountThere are a number of different starter kits listed on the website, and those who are new to vaping, or are making the switch from another brand, will find all the equipment they need to start vaping. The AIO E-Cig 510 Classic starter kits comes with a rechargeable battery, that is easy to use and long-lasting; three cartomizers, two USB charger cables, an AIO pack, and a universal adapter. The charging outlets that are provided are small enough to be transported in a small bag or pocketbook, meaning that it’s now easier than ever to charge your battery when you are on the go, for example if you are at work and have access to a computer or laptop in the office.

Other Information

There are a number of different ways to contact the company if you need some advice on the best product to purchase, or have a technical query. Just contact Henley Cigs directly through the website or on their Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts, where customers will find the latest information about the company and can converse with a company representative.