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Is the Nicotine in E-Cigarettes Harmful?

Is the Nicotine in E-Cigarettes Harmful?

In several parts of the world, there are at least 100,000 deaths annually that may be attributed to cigarette smoking, and over 5 million die globally because of this dangerous habit. Thus, researchers are becoming more hopeful that the use of electronic cigarettes could reduce the number of these alarming percentage of deaths.

Is the Nicotine in E-Cigs Dangerous?

Electronic cigarettes have been found to be as effective as gums or nicotine patches in helping heavy smokers quit permanently. Instead of inhaling toxic and harmful substances in tobacco, electronic cigarette users merely inhale the vapor form of liquid nicotine. According to Robert West, Health Psychology professor at London, e-cigarettes could change and save millions of lives. However, the big question is the best means to do it, and any cultural or regulatory environment that can be established to ensure successful results.

Private consultant Dr. Jacques Le Houezec shares this view, and he has been studying the effects of tobacco and nicotine among users. He believes that the harmful effects of electronic cigarettes remain less than what regular cigarettes offer. Thus, e-cig use must not be over regulated.

A Healthier Option

Electronic cigarettes may be relatively new, which means there remains a need for extensive studies to be done to check completely the health impact of these devices. To obtain a reliable and larger clinical data, there must be more studies made on a bigger group of e-cig users for a number of years.

In experiments involving rats, scientific studies showed that there were barely any harmful effects when these animals inhaled nicotine for about two years. This was based on a study conducted in 1996, and it reassured researchers when it comes to the safety of electric cigarettes.

However, there are still some concerns about the increase in use of e-cigarettes. In fact, the World Health Organization has reminded consumers to avoid using e-cigs until they are proven to be safe and healthy. They believe that there are undetermined risks in using these devices, and the vapor’s contents are yet to be studied thoroughly.

Years back, it may be surprising to see people smoking inside the hospital, airport, office, or even in cinemas. Nowadays, though, these individuals smoke electronic cigarettes instead of traditional or tobacco cigarettes. These devices may resemble the real thing, or even a pen. What these cigarettes do is provide your body with nicotine in a vaporized form. It works on a rechargeable battery that helps heat the mechanism that vaporizes the nicotine found inside the cartridge, so what people inhale is just vapor.

Some electronic cigarette manufacturers claim the safety of these devices, which can also help people quit smoking. Yet, there are more critics that say these claims are still unproven.

Opting for a Healthier Alternative

It may be true that electronic cigarettes do not have more than 4000 toxic compounds created when a tobacco cigarette is lit. It is important to note that these components are carcinogenic and harmful to one’s health such as nitrogen oxides, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, and carbon monoxide.

However, it is important to note that nicotine may be highly addictive, and those who use e-cigarettes may not be aware of the amount of nicotine they get when they use these devices. A lack of quality control and regulation may mean there will be an inconsistency in each puff of smokeless cigarette.

The FDA has already issued a health warning about the use of electronic cigarettes after several tests were conducted, and they discovered the presence of diethylene glycol in one of the cartridges that were sampled. This substance is found in anti-freeze, and it can cause serious health problems when ingested by humans. In addition, there were some levels of nitrosamine that may be carcinogenic once inhaled.

Bottom Line

Overall, e-cigs remain to be a viable option for those who wish to quit their addiction to smoking tobacco cigarettes. These devices may contain nicotine, yet there is an absence of thousands of harmful chemicals that can affect your health in a negative way. You can choose from different levels of nicotine, which means you may be able to reduce your nicotine intake in the long run. Hence, e-cigarettes may indeed prove to be a better option for heavy smokers who wish to quit completely.