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Top Square Smoke Coupon 2014 | 15% off Any Order

Square Smoke Coupon

When you are searching for a line of disposable e cigs, Square Smoke is where you want to go. Not only is the line made for those who want to save, on these devices, it is also going to provide you with a few product options to order, when you are ready to place your first order with the brand.

Top Square Smoke Coupon

Square Smoke Coupons

15% off any order: LSGSS05


One of the features that distinguishes Square Smoke from other e cig brands, is that the line is specifically focused on being a disposable e cig line; there are a few hookah and vaporizer devices that are rechargeable, but a majority of the product lines are disposable. You are going to find them to be much cheaper than other e cig brands, but you are also going to find far more selection when you are going to place the order on the site as well.

When ordering Square Smoke, customers will also notice a different design style than competitor brands. Although they are disposable e cigs, they are well made, and they come in a variety of color options, as well as case styles. Depending on the line of disposables that are ordered, you will find different color options, case styles, and you can also find a variety of flavor options to order, when visiting the site.

The company also has a very distinct line of flavor options; a more tropical flavor blend, and one that also uses a variety of fun, new names to describe the flavors, is a distinct feature that Square Smoke coupon offers, which other companies do not.

Warranties are provided for all of the orders that are placed through Square Smoke; this is not only a guarantee you are going to receive a well made product, it is also a guarantee that you are going to be covered, in the event there are any defects when you order. OF course, depending on what you buy, the coverage is going to vary a bit; as most items are disposables, the coverage terms are a bit shorter, and will only cover certain defects with the battery, when you do place an order for the disposable lines of e cigs that are sold through the company’s online site for Square Smoke of products.

Innovation, a fun design, and a fun new look, are some of the distinct features the customer is going to like with Square Smoke. In addition to this new design, the line is also one that is a great way for customers to save on the price of vaping. You not only have more to choose from on the site, and a variety of disposable options, but you also have a number of flavors and features you will enjoy. An innovative line, and various great product features, will allow customers to enjoy the vaping experience, and enjoy what the name brand line has to offer to them, when they place an order for the Square Smoke e cig line.