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White Cloud Cigarettes Coupon - 15% off Starter Kits

White Cloud Cigarettes Coupon

Quality, selection, and a well known name, are some of the many features that you will enjoy when you place an order with White Cloud Cigarettes. Customers not only have more flavor selection, but more nicotine strength options than can be found with other competitor e cig names in the market as well.

White Cloud Cigarettes Discount

White Cloud Cigarettes Coupon and Discount

15% off any order: WCKIT15


One great feature that White Cloud Cigarettes offers, is the ability to choose the nicotine strength you want’ although other manufacturers offer this, they do not provide 6 options, in each flavor. Customers have several flavor blends, and with the top selling brands, can also find the different nicotine strengths, when ordering their favorite flavors in bulk.

With starter kits to get you underway, accessories on the site, chargers, portable carrying cases, and disposables, you can’t go wrong with the White Cloud Cigarettes line. Consumers are bound to find the items they are looking for; whether you are new to e cigs, and need a starter kit, or whether you just want to order in bulk quantities, to save on the e liquids, you can do so through the company site. With a variety of charging options, and carrying cases, you can also find the ones that are best suited to you, and your personal taste.

If you order during the holidays, you will find various ways to save through the White Cloud Cigarettes site. Or, if you are ordering in bulk to save, you can also cut back on the cost of the items you are going to order. Customers who wait for special sales dates, or those who are always visiting the site to find the White Cloud cigarettes deal and valid codes, are going to save on the prices that they will pay, when placing an order for their e cig devices. Regardless of when or what you are going to buy, you can find a number of great sales, and product listings, when you order.

With warranties for the battery and chargers you order, if something ever goes wrong with the e cig, you can return it for a replacement, no matter how long you have owned it. In addition to the lifetime warranties, you are also going to be able to reach the customer service team at any time. If you have a question, or if you receive the wrong item with your order, they can quickly get back to you, and let you know how to return the product. You will usually receive a response immediately, and at most, within 24 hours of your inquiry. So, you will always know what to do, and will have the questions you have, answered almost immediately with this company.

With extensive product listings, new innovative battery designs, and an extensive product listings, when you visit the White Cloud Cigarettes site, you are going to find more than one item that you would like to order, and you can always find great deals, with the many great savings codes available to consumers.